Discourse Studies

Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities Departments of English Literature and English Language

would like to kindly invite all scholars representing different philological disciplines and theoretical models to

3rd Annual Siedlce Forum for Contemporary Issues in Language and Literature

to be held on April 20th, 2018 in Siedlce (Poland) to present their research findings (not previously published or presented) in oral sessions in English. The leitmotif of the conference is:

Discourse Studies across Fields of Culture, Media, Language, and Literature




Suggested Research Areas

discourse studies and formal linguistics * discourse vs. formulaic language * text linguistics * institutional discourse * medical discourse * public discourse * discourse analysis and forensic linguistics * discourse across different literary genres * discourse of science * discourse analysis in translation studies * dramatic discourse/the language of theatre * the discourse of social subversion and counterculture in literature * the subversive discourse of humour * discourse of gesture and sign language * discourse of the mass-mediated communication (film, comedy, online media) * discourse in sociology/psychology/politics/ media/journalism/business/etc. * own research findings in discourse studies


Invited Plenary Speakers

Prof. Dorota Brzozowska,
Department of Anglophone Cultures, University of Opole, Poland

Other plenary speakers – to be announced


Oral Sessions

Each presentation in the oral session will be scheduled for a 20-minute talk followed by a 10-minute discussion.


Abstract Submission

An abstract of 200-300 words (including bibliography) should be submitted by March 1st, 2018 in .doc format via e-mail to siedlceforum@gmail.com. Your abstract must be accompanied by the following information: name of the author, title of paper, affiliation, academic degree, research area, a biographical note of 60-80 words in length. Notification of acceptance will be sent by March 10th, 2018.

Both the registration form and the abstract form are available at our official site http://siedlceforum.weebly.com/. If you wish to receive an invoice, please check the Invoice Box in the registration form.


Conference Proceedings

After the conference, the articles will be published in a peer-reviewed volume. The articles need to be submitted by August 31st, 2018. Further information concerning publication as well as submission guidelines will be available on the conference website at siedlceforum.weebly.com.



The conference will take place in Oginski Palace (Pałac Ogińskich) at Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, 2 Konarskiego St., Siedlce, Poland.


Conference Fee

All participants are requested to return the registration form and pay the conference fee by March 20th, 2018. The fee, which covers organisation costs, conference materials, lunch and refreshments, is EUR 75 or PLN 300. Accommodation and transportation costs are covered by the participants. The organizers can assist in booking rooms in University halls of residence or town hotels. The fee should be transferred to one of the following bank accounts:


Institution Name

Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach ul. Konarskiego 2
08-110 Siedlce, Poland

Bank Account for Payments in Euro

PL 84124026851978001014643201 SWIFT BIC: PKOPPLPW
Bank Pekao S.A. O/ Siedlce Wojskowa 24, 08-110 Siedlce, Poland

Bank Account for Payments in PLN

19124026851111000036563195 Bank Pekao S.A. O/ Siedlce Wojskowa 24, 08-110 Siedlce

Please note that the fees for money transfer service are paid by the participants.

Organising Committee

Prof. Edward Colerick Katarzyna Kozak, PhD Agnieszka Rzepkowska, PhD Katarzyna Mroczyńska, PhD Joanna Kolbusz-Buda, PhD Magdalena Wieczorek, MA

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