Institute of Polish Philology and Modern Languages Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities The Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw and
The Department of Philosophy,
Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica

would like to kindly invite all interested scholars to the International Conference on


to be held on 12th -13th September 2019 in Siedlce (Poland)

Confessions and sermons encompass a unique cultural experience which has evolved over the two thousand-year history of Christianity. Confessional-sermonic tradition started by St. Augustine and later associated by different national cultures on the continent, continually developed and transformed, and for centuries has remained a vivid and vibrant vehicle for communication, teaching and the art of rhetoric. In medieval times, confessions and sermons constituted an important part of religious life and became powerful genres which were incorporated into Western literature, and later into Russian literary tradition. The process of abandoning medieval religious canons that occurred in later years contributed to the development of confessional and sermonic forms that gradually evolved into a self-dependent aesthetic phenomena, being still of constant interests to both readers and scholars.

Suggested areas of Research

Confessions and sermons:

  • as ritual religious forms
  • as independent literary genres (poetics) in their development and historical functioning (typologies)
  • as literary texts which are based on confession/sermon interwoven in the complex texture of direct and indirect confession, atonement, conversion, prayer etc. and/or sermons, interpretations, teachings etc. as an artistic (autobiographical) text – a confession aimed at self-analysis, introspection, self- discovery etc.
  •  as an artistic (journalistic) text – a sermon aimed at expressing, propaganda and confirming certain ideas, beliefs, principles,
  • as literary texts, which to a great extent reconstruct church ritual and transfer the communication (in the case of a confession – a communication between the confessor and the person that confesses, and in the case of a sermon – between the preacher and the audience) to the relation between the reader and the text.Presentations presenting other aspects of the genre are also welcomed

Organising Committee

prof. dr hab. Ludmiła Łucewicz (University of Warsaw)
prof. dr hab. Martin Golema (Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia) dr hab. Danuta Szymonik (Siedlce University)
dr hab. Roman Bobryk, prof. UPH (Siedlce University)
dr Edward Colerick, prof. UPH (Siedlce University)
dr Aldona Borkowska (Siedlce University)
dr Ewa Kozak (Siedlce University)
dr Katarzyna Kozak (Siedlce University)
dr Adriana Pogoda-Kołodziejak (Siedlce University)

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