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PASE 2017

DOWNLOAD the CFP: PASE 2017 call for papers.pdf The Institute of English and American Studies of the University of Gdańsk The Polish Association for the Study of English The Polish Society for the Study of European Romanticism are pleased to invite you to The 26th Annual Conference of the Polish Association for the Study of English University of Gdańsk, 22–24 June 2017 The theme of the conference is: EPISTEMOLOGICAL CANONS IN LANGUAGE, LITERATURE AND CULTURAL STUDIES We hope to stimulate academic research and discussion around the theme of cognition, in relation to language (including language teaching), literature, translation and culture. In every aspect of our lives we make judgments and assessments and encounter judgments and assessments made by others, without necessarily examining closely the perspectives, methodologies or theoretical assumptions on which these judgments are based. What established procedures and canons of seeing and understanding govern theCzytaj dalej

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Food and Drink Call for Papers

Department of History and Material Culture of English Speaking Countries Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland Call for Papers 2nd International Conference Food and Drink as Symbols: historical perspectives 27-28 October 2017 – Krakow Eating and drinking have always been a part of socialisation. Humans have eaten together and mealtimes are events when the whole family or community comes together. Eating food can also be an occasion for sharing, for giving to others, for example, parents give food to their children, a mother gives her milk to her infant, thus making food a symbol of love and security. Two thousand years ago Jesus taught us to share food with others. He used food for both instruction and revelation, and food items bear a religious symbolism in the way they are made or the way they are eaten. For instance, in Christianity bread and wine have aCzytaj dalej

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Competitive Advantage for Global Employability CFP

International Conference 2017:   Intercultural Communicative Competence – A Competitive Advantage for Global Employability (ICCAGE) MIAS School of Business & Interdisciplinary Studies, Czech Technical University in Prague, 22-23 June 2017, Prague, Czech Republic. Deadline for proposals: 28 February 2017 In the highly competitive environment of the globalised world, higher education necessarily faces ever-present challenges such as linguistic and extra-linguistic communication barriers, cultural stereotyping, cross-cultural prejudices, identity conflicts and/or L2 deficiency, which compound the lack of skills to interact successfully. The acquisition of intercultural communicative competence becomes a key professional skill and a primary success factor for university educators, graduates, and researchers in the field, as well as business professionals, international employers, or HR specialists.   Addressing these concerns, the ICCAGE conference will contribute to the on-going debate on intercultural language/communicative skills, and various innovative teaching and training approaches to ICC including global mobility, intercultural mediation and telecollaboration, and in and out-of classroom methodologies.   The conference will offerCzytaj dalej

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Bob Dylan Conference

All Along Bob Dylan – America and the World Dear Colleagues, Friends in Dylan! Due to popular demand we are happy to announce deadline extension. Paper proposals for the conference on Bob Dylan should be sent to by 20 February 2017 Best regards, The Organizers — International Conference – 24-25 May 2017 Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Poland CALL FOR PAPERS

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Call for Papers Shakespeare

Shakespeare and European Theatrical Cultures: AnAtomizing Text and Stage 27 – 30 July 2017 at the University of Gdańsk and The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, Poland This conference will convene Shakespeare scholars at a theatre that proudly stands in the place where English players regularly performed 400 years ago. This makes us ponder with renewed interest the relation between theatre and Shakespeare. The urge to do so may sound like a commonplace, but it comes to us enhanced by the fact that in the popular and learned imagination alike Shakespeare is inseparable from theatre while the theatre, for four centuries now, first in England, then on the continent (Europe) and eventually in the world, has been more and more strongly defined and shaped by Shakespeare. Shakespeare has become the theatrical icon, a constant point of reference, the litmus paper for the formal, technological and ideological development ofCzytaj dalej

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Explorations 2017 Call for Papers

CALL FOR PAPERS 2017   Explorations: A Journal of Language and Literature is a peer-refereed online journal published by the Department of the English Language and the Department of English Language Literatures at Opole University, Poland (for more information and the current issue see For the next issue of the journal, to be published in December 2017 we invite articles addressing language- and literature related topics in an original and innovative way. We welcome interdisciplinary approches ranging across lingustics, critical theory, and literary and cultural studies. Each submitted article will be peer-reviewed by academic experts selected from relevant fields of research. Contributions are expected by June 30, 2017. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by September 30, 2017. For style sheet and further information, please consult the journal web page at   Explorations is listed in Polish Scholarly Bibliography (PBN), ERIH Plus, Index Copernicus International (ICI),   ARIANTA, DirectoryCzytaj dalej

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Call for Papers: Cognitive Linguistics in the year 2017

 Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association and Institute of English Studies, University of Rzeszów, Poland, are pleased to launch a Call for Papers for the 2017 annual PCLA conference Cognitive Linguistics in the year 2017.   When: September 21-23, 2017 Where: University of Rzeszów, Poland Conference languages: English and Polish   PLENARY SPEAKERS: Laura A. Janda (Tromsø University) Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi (University of Warsaw / PAN) Elżbieta Tabakowska (Jagiellonian University) Adam Głaz (UMCS, Lublin) Martin Hilpert (Neuchâtel University)   SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: Your abstract should clearly state the scope and aims of your research, the methodology applied, the expected results, etc. Above all, it must be evident that your research lies within the cognitive linguistics enterprise, e.g. (the list is obviously open-ended and should only be treated as a set of general guidelines): ■ cognitive semantics ■ linguistic categorization ■ metaphor and metonymy ■ conceptual blending ■ forceCzytaj dalej

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Culture · Cognition · Communication – Call for Papers

Culture · Cognition · Communication (Inter)cultural perspectives on language and the mind The Departments of Cognitive Linguistics and Cultural Linguistics at the Institute of English, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (UMCS), are pleased to announce the Culture • Cognition • Communication conference series aimed to offer researchers of different persuasions a convenient forum for sharing ideas and discussing issues concerning the relation between culture, cognition and language from a range of scholarly viewpoints. (Inter)cultural perspectives on language and the mind (ICPLM 2017) is aimed to be the first conference of the series. In adopting an interdisciplinary slant on the interface between culture, language and the mind, the conference is designed to foster academic co-operation across diverse fields of humanistic studies. Date: 14-15 September 2017 Venue: The Faculty of Humanities UMCS in Lublin Languages: English (preferred), Polish Plenary lectures   Enrique Bernárdez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)Czytaj dalej

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Humorousness / Seriousness Conference

  click to download: CfP 2nd Forum- Humorousness Seriosuness Dichotomy.pdf Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities Departments of English Literature and the English Language would like to kindly invite all scholars representing different philological disciplines and theoretical models to 2nd Annual Siedlce Forum for Contemporary Issues in Language and Literature to be held on April 28th, 2017 in Siedlce (Poland) to present their research findings (not previously published or presented) in oral sessions in English. The leitmotif of the conference is: Humorousness/Seriousness Dichotomy in Language, Culture and Literature Keynote Speakers: Prof. Ewa Łuczak (University of Warsaw) Prof. Francisco Yus (University of Alicante) The Research Areas and Suggested Topics Linguistics: o Humor and gender/race/ethnicity o Persuasion, implicature and violations of the Gricean (cooperative) model of communication o Functions of puns, wordplay, and proverbs in second language acquisition, teaching, communication o Stylistic figures (metaphor, irony, hyperbole, etc.)Czytaj dalej

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Laurence Sterne Call for Papers

Call for Papers   the International Laurence Sterne Foundation and the Department of English, Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Poland invite paper proposals for   The Second International Laurence Sterne Foundation Conference on the theme of Adaptation in the Age of Sterne     Although the primary concern of the conference will be the work of Laurence Sterne and its afterlife, we are also interested in papers shedding light on the broader context of the Age of Sterne.   Paper proposals (200-word abstracts) should be sent to Peter de Voogd and Jakub Lipski by the end of May 2017. Notifications of acceptance will be sent at the beginning of June 2017. For more information, see   Delegates wishing to present a paper must be members of the Foundation, the online membership form can be found here.