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EWA KĘBŁOWSKA-ŁAWNICZAKFrom Concept-City to City Experience

A Study in Urban Drama

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In her book, Ewa Kębłowska-Ławniczak offers a dynamic view on the category of urbanity in European culture, showing its discursive transformations from the Platonic vision of the city as a state to an idea of urban space as a terrain of political supervision and restraint to the city conceived of as a space of postmodern experience of loss and bereavement, a space of disintegration of both itself and the identities of its dwellers.

City as a concept, as a place for utopian visions of unchanging laws (Plato, More) becomes a territory where one can hear the polyphony of voices and experience otherness – a space of contradictions in many spheres of life: social, philosophical, political, aesthetic or ethical. From a more general perspective, the “history” of the city told in this book is at the same time a history of steady transformation of Barthesian Oeuvre into a text, of the domain of authoritarian rule into the space of erotic pleasure (jouissance) derived from reading the city as a text.

Tadeusz Rachwał

The shift from the “Concept-City,” the “Jerusalem” that might be reached, to the “City Experience,” which shapes contemporary drama, is through the close reading of relevant plays not only well documented but also theoretically firmly based.

Because of its encompassing width of analyses, both theoretical and textual, From Concept-City to City Experience will enrich the scope of understanding of all those who in both literary and cultural studies try to mediate how the concept of “the City” has changed the perception of the world we live in.

Bernhard Reitz



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Casimir Britannicus. English Translations, Paraphrases, and Emulations of the Poetry of Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski.

Edited by Piotr Urbański and Krzysztof Fordoński.

MHRA Critical Texts Vol. 11
ISBN 978-0-947623-73-9
May 2008
pp. 292
Pbk £12.99 / $24.99 / €19.99

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