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New publication

New Book: Studying English Literature in Context, Paul Poplawski (ed.)

In October 2022, Cambridge University Press will publish Studying English Literature in Context, edited by Paul Poplawski. The attached publicity flyer  offers a 20% discount on the book. With the paperback version, it brings the price down to just under £20.  
The book is 674 pages long, containing critical readings (arranged, chronologically, from the Middle Ages to 2019); further-reading sections; Chronology; Introductory Notes; Study Guide; Glossary of critical terms; Index; and the listing of essays by their themes and genres. The CUP link at which the book is advertised —  Studying english literature context critical readings | English literature: general interest | Cambridge University Press   allows viewing the Contents, the book’s opening essay, the Introduction (under the “Marketing Excerpt”), and the complete Index.  The site also provides the option for lecturers (and possibly librarians) to request free inspection copies.